Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Share

I thought I would take Sunday's and share a bit about me, and things I like.

I admit it, I am a Phelps Phan! I love David Phelps and the Gaither Vocal Band. He has been blessed with such a strong and powerful voice that just moves me with whatever song he is singing. He's so humble and a pleasure to listen to him talk about his ministry. Everything he has he owes to The Lord.

Hearing this song and knowing how it came about is so moving. Horatio Spafford was a successful real estate man and had lost everything he owned in the Great Chicago Fire and had recently lost his son to Scarlet Fever. Reeling from those losses, his family decided  to take a trip to Europe. Having a last minute business venture, he sent his wife and 4 remaining children on a ship, the S.S. Ville du Havre knowing he would meet up with them shortly. He finished his business, but before he could leave on his own ship to meet them, he recieved a message from his wife with just two words..."Survived alone". Their ship had struck another on their voyage and their 4 remaining children perished.

In a short time, like Job, he had lost his forture, and all of his children. He carried on to meet his wife and the captian of his ship alerted him to when they were passing over the spot in which he believed the ship carrying  his children had sunk into the sea. He penned the lyrics to this song as his own ship drifted over that spot that night, comforted by the knowledge that no matter what happened in his life, "It is well with his Soul". He has a Father in heaven that has plotted his course and understands.  It is noteworthy that Horatio Spafford did not dwell on the theme of life's sorrows and trials, instead, focused in the third stanza on the redemptive work of Christ, and in the fourth verse, anticipates His glorious second coming.

How about you? Perhaps we've never endured losses as deep and plentiful as Horatio, but we certainly have experienced losses. Do you still know that God loves you and understands? Do you know that His blood was shed so that you could spend an eternity with Him where there are no tears, no crying and no pain? He did!

Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

The song is sung by Wesley Pritchard and at the end by David Phelps with a powerful ending!  Wow, you just don't hear voices like that anymore!

Let's get crafty together!


  1. That is my favorite hymn - my theme song!

  2. Wow, I love this!! I agree that David Phelps is truly amazing. He could sing mary had a little lamb and give you goosebumps.
    Deb B (Debadoo)

  3. thanks for sharing... and for the benediction
    Nathalie from France