Thursday, July 29, 2010

One, Two or Three!

One, two or three wheels - it's your choice!  The Builder Wheel Spindle #119895 gives you the flexability to stack up to three stampin' wheels together while also allowing you to use just one or two wheels.  The spindle comes with two spacers and an end-cap piece, all of which only fit the Jumbo Wheel Handle #103661.  Use ink refills to create any color combination you'd like on the Triple Cell Cartridge #121206, stack stamping wheels onto the spindle, snap into place onto the Jumbo Wheel Handle, and you're ready for some Stampin' fun!  Just imagine all the patterns you can create once you start stacking wheels.

Do you want to take a Builder Wheel for a spin?  Give me a call to order or order online 24/7 using the link above!

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