Thursday, July 15, 2010


Add glitz and sparkle to your stamped design to give your work a finishing touch.  There are many interesting items that can be used.

Try Stampin' Up Clear Embossing Powder (#109130) or Iridescent Ice (#101930) or Dazzling Diamonds (#102023) over stamped and colored images. Winter scenes will take on an icy or snowy look. The colors will shine through.

Experiment with champagne, gold, white, silver or solid color Stampin' Glitter to add sophistication or elegance. Our Stampin' Glitter comes in many granularity sizes such as Chunky Essentials, Fine Cosmo, Fine Galaxy and Fine Supernova.

Christmas and wedding designs spring to life when glitter is added. Stained glass designs are stunning when filled in with Stampin' Glitter. The time required to carefully apply Stampin' Glitter to each section will pay off in a finished work of art. Gold and silver glitter applied with black images can also be a great look for Halloween - spider webs, bats, haunted houses, etc.

To remove glitter that has become stuck to your rubber stamps, use a piece of cellophane tape.

To keep glitter from getting all over your work area, use the Powder Pal (#102197) which can be used to catch and funnel the Stampin' Glitter back into the jar.

Other embellishments which can be added to your art: ribbon (pages 190 and 191 of the current catalog), Crochet Trim (118480 or #118481), punched creations, Designer buttons (page 186), Brads in all of our color families (page 187), Paper Daisies (#119243), or Jewels in Rhinestone (#119246) or Pearls (#119247).

Try working with nature's own embellishments, such as sand, bark, tiny pine cones, moss, leaves, small twigs, dried flowers, natural raffia, shells, etc. Go for a hike, and let your imagination call the shots!
I'd love to hear about the things that you use for Embellishments and how you use them!  If you have any creative ideas, contact me!  Get Crafty!

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