Monday, July 26, 2010

My Order Came! It's Like Christmas in my House Today!

My large order came and with it, my most prized stamping Big Shot!  Oh, it is beautiful!  I'm beaming with pride!

I tried it out as soon as I unpacked it of course and what a difference.  I used to use a Cuttlebug, but no more!  I used to grind that thing and struggle to get the platform cranked through...often yelling for help from the Dear Demo Support (hubby) to help me get it through.  No more!  The Big Shot is so smooth and easy to use.  No more crazy platform sandwiches and tons of shims and plates to get dies to work.  The platform is all in one piece and so easy to do.

How about you?  Are you still using a Cuttlebug or worse...scissors?  Why not try out the Big Shot?  You wont be sorry and it will become you're most prized Stamping possession as well, I promise!  Call me today to order yours!


  1. I remember when my Big Shot arrived! I was a die cutting maniac for days! Enjoy!