Sunday, July 18, 2010

5 Tips To Make A Good Stamp Impression

1. Make sure you have a good solid flat surface to stamp on. A couple of pieces of paper or some thin chip board give your stamping surface protection and padding for your stamping your image. Try using a pad of Stampin' Up!'s Grid Paper (#102787).

2. Press or tap the stamp firmly onto the stamp pad several times. Large stamps can be inked easily on the raised pads by moving them around over the surface. Some stampers prefer to lay the stamp face up on the table and apply the pad to the stamp. Either way is effective. Make sure the stamp is well inked by looking at its surface. If there are areas that appear "dry," you need to ink the stamp more thoroughly. New stamps need a "breaking in" period before they will accept ink evenly.

3. Apply firm, even pressure to the stamp. Do not rock the stamp or slam it down. This will cause over stamping or blurring of the image.

4. Large stamps and stamps with solid areas require more ink and more pressure. Apply even pressure to entire area using fingertips, but not allowing the stamp to move. For large stamps or designs with a lot of filled in areas, more pressure can be applied if you stamp standing up or by adding padding under the item your are stamping.

5. Small stamps and fine line designs require less ink and less pressure.
Do you have any tips that you use for getting a good impressions with your stamps?  Share them in the comments section and I'll add them and as always, contact me if I can be of any help with ordering supplies or help with any of your paper crafting projects.

Let's get crafty together!

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